Trader Joe’s Gold

*Puts on Hawaiian button down and khaki shorts* I’ve been a frequent shopper at Trader Joe’s for as long as I can remember. My mom, who I guess would be considered a blipster before the term was created, used to take me to the Eagle Rock location down the street from our house and let me go wild with the samples. I LOVED IT.

Now, as an adult, I get easily overwhelmed with the plethora of options at traditional grocery stores and quickly discouraged by the prices at Whole Foods, so Trader Joe’s is my haven. Since I’m a self-proclaimed Trader (aka the Beyhive of TJ’s) and I make it a point to read my Fearless Flyers, I’ll be periodically sharing my favorite finds at Trader Joe’s.

P.S. PLEASE share suggestions in the comments, there’s nothing better than finding something new at TJ’s.

Broccoli Slaw & Kale Salad. Every Sunday, after getting my mini bouquet of flowers, I go directly to the salads. I will admit I’ve gotten aggressive when needed as I reached for the last salads among determined shoppers trying to plan their work lunch for the coming week. One salad that I will not hesitate to snatch up is the Broccoli Kale. Not only is it packed with super healthy kale, but it has dried cranberries for sweetness, sunflower seeds for crunch and a zesty- sweet dressing to tie it all in. Oh, and it has grilled chicken that makes this staple lunch item filling without giving you the afternoon burnout.

Dried Chili Mango. This one is a little harder to find than most TJ’s snacks but if you come across it, don’t hesitate to add it to your cart. I actually suggest getting two bags. This snack is the perfect balance of sweet and spice (emphasize on the spice) and it’s a perfect post-lunch treat.

Ginger turmeric tea. I am literally sipping on a mug of this as I’m typing this out. You know that feeling after you’ve eaten way too much pasta or finished off a double-double in less than 5 minutesĀ  and your stomach isn’t at its best? This tea will help with the bounce-back. Even if I’m feeling great after a meal, I usually finish it off with this tea given the health benefits of turmeric alone.

Cashew yogurt. I’m a huge fan of dairy alternatives, partially because dairy triggers my migraines and partially because it induces bloating. So, when I saw TJ’s had this new cashew yogurt I was all in. After trying this, I’m definitely not going back to Greek yogurt. If you purchase, I definitely recommend adding some fruit like raspberries and granola because the yogurt itself isn’t super filling.

Pizza Parlanno.
How many of you wives are out here cooking dinner for your husband every night after working 9-hour days and sitting through 45 minutes in traffic? I definitely try my best to cook every other night (it’s sort of my love language) but when I get home after 7:30pm with an empty fridge, I’m usually going straight to the freezer and pre-heating the oven because we’re having pizza. You can’t go wrong with this easier than ever dinner with toppings including sausage, pepperoni, bell peppers and onions.

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