3 SUPER Easy Ways to Save Money in 2020

It’s the top of the millennium and we’re all out here making lofty goals. Some of you may be three days deep into a juice cleanse fighting off the urge to faint as we speak. Others may feel like you don’t need a resolution and you’re on your “new year, same me” vibe. Whichever end of the spectrum you fall, there are resources available that are just too easy to take advantage of unless you hate saving money (if that’s the case, please leave your explanation in the comments below.)

A Library Card for Online Courses

.Am I the only one who’s mom took them to the library on Saturdays in the summer because there was air, free computer access and all the J-14 magazines a pre-teen could consume? Not to get all PBS on you, but the public library is one of America’s gems. Not only does a library card get you access to all the physical and digital books you could need, but you can take advantage Lynda, an online database of courses.

For those of us who are on the fence about grad school or looking for certificate programs, why not take a free course before going into debt or spending thousands? Want to learn Adobe Creative Suite? There’s a course. Looking to design logos? Check this out. You can also learn web development from the ground up. The opportunities are endless and it’s free so you have nothing to lose.

Wikibuy for Online Shopping

You know that feeling when you rack up a handful of new outfits that you love then checkout and find everything is on sale? Wikibuy is like that but for online shopping. As much as I promote this plugin, you’d think I was getting sponsored, but unfortunately I just love putting people on to good deals. How does it work you ask? Download the plugin and then when you’re ready to checkout Wikibuy will literally ask if you want to try the coupon codes available for your purchase. If there are coupons available, the plugin will automatically apply the best deal to your total. OH, and you get cashback by spending at certain stores.

A Costco Card for Travel

Above you will find Doug and I on our honeymoon at a five-star resort living like kings and acting like we eat steaks, hibachi stuff and gold flaked cupcakes on the regular. If the FOMO is beginning to set in…run, don’t walk to your nearest Costco and invest in a membership card. From there, run, don’t walk back to your house log in to your Costco Travel account and behold the travel deals that await. We were able to book a 7-day honeymoon that included our flight, all inclusive hotel and transportation to and from the airport for less than $4,000 for both of us.

If you have more easy money savers that we can all benefit from in 2020 drop yours in the comments below! There’s nothing better than a deal.

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