Gift Guide: Shopping For Your Man


Can we all have a truth moment? Truth #1: I’m very guilty of last minute shopping. Truth #2: Up until my relationship with my husband, I’ve always been perplexed when it comes to gift giving for a significant other. I would hesitate to purchase a gift. Questions like “Is he getting me something?” along with “What is he getting me and how much is he paying?” would fill my head as I browsed Target. I’m also anti-malls during the holidays because, duh.

Since you’re still reading, I’m assuming we’ve established I’m not the only one who cringes at the thought of holiday shopping. I will let everyone in on my gift guide for shopping for your partner that won’t leave you stressed or sprinting through Footlocker. Oh, and did I mention you don’t need to leave the house to buy any of these gifts? You can also get all of these last minute.

Side note: Before you go saying I ruined your relationships and chances to be cuffed up all winter, I will preface this by saying the same thing I tell everyone when I give advice: “That’s just me though… you do what you want to do.”

The rule: Add $10 to every month you’ve been dating. Petty? Perhaps. Unreasonable? No.
Example: Dating 3 months = $30 gift; dating a year and a half = $180

One month = $10. You may think $10 isn’t a lot, but when you just start dating, how much do you REALLY know about them? Therefore, I’m recommending you purchase an experience that both of you can look at down the road and remember. You can also take away the pressure of getting something tangible this early. Keep it simple. Keep it easy. And keep it sweet.
$10 Options:
Coffee Date (extra points if it’s minority-owned)
Volunteer together at a charity your S/O has an interest in
Purchase a disposable camera and go for a hike, walk or day in the park
Bonus: As I was researching ideas, I saw a suggestion to take a nap together since it’s free…just wanted to throw that in because it really tickled me.

Six months = $60. By six months you two know each other (at least the basics.) You know their favorite color, sports team, food, etc. At this point in the relationship your gift could be make or break. Get them something thoughtful and the bag is secured for another 4 months at least. Get them a standard gift card and they might pick a fight in two weeks about something completely unrelated. You could go the easy route and do a dinner date…or you could get cute.
$60 Options
Ditch Paint & Sip and go to the gun range for shooting lessons
Get them a meal subscription, cook dinner and do a candlelit picnic at home
Spotify Premium for 6 months (extra points: make curated playlists for special occasions *wink*)

Twelve months = $120. At this point on you can get fancy and do multiple gifts instead of one large present. If you fall within any of these time frames, you can always mix and match gifts.
$120 Options
Tickets to a local music festival or concert tickets to see their favorite artists
A subscription box like Sprezza Box or Game Day Crate

Two years = $240.¬†By two years, you probably don’t even need to go by the $10/month rule. But if you still need some suggestions…
$240 Options
Tickets to see his favorite team
A one night staycation at a nice hotel or Air Bnb

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