My Favorite Online Stores

With my wedding coming up next year, I’ve cut WAY back on shopping. Meaning, I only go shopping about once a month instead of every other week as I did in the past. Since my budget is pretty strict, I’ve found workarounds that allow for me to indulge in yet another one of my guilty pleasures.

Since I have long legs, hips and a butt shopping in-person can be extremely exhausting and time-consuming. Therefore, I stick to online shopping for the majority of my purchases. By buying clothes that come in long lengths and waiting for good sales, I now tend to spend about 90% of my shopping time online.

Boohoo. Full disclosure, the quality at this store is not the best but the deals are unmatched (as I’m typing this post, there’s an 80% off sale going on.) With that in mind, to save yourself the hassle of returning an item utilize that zoom tool and inspect the clothing. Boohoo is guilty of producing dresses that hug every curve as well. However, if you’re looking for a birthday outfit, some staple leggings or cute tops this shop is for you. Again, they literally ALWAYS have sales on everything.
Great for: Going out attire, casual wear.

Missguided. I love this site because they offer a variety of on-trend items that fit my style. Missguided offers a large selection at very reasonable prices. One con to the site is their return process is kind of a headache, meaning, you have to pay the shipping back to New Jersey if you decide you don’t like your purchase. Otherwise, this site is good for free shipping on purchases over $60 and offers deals such as 40% off your purchase of $120.
Great for: Swimsuits, going out attire, everyday wear.

Mango. Struggle with finding work appropriate attire while still being cute? Look no further. Mango offers cute professional outfits that won’t make you hate work-specific clothing. My recommendation is to find a few staple items such as a pair of slacks, a blazer and a few dresses that you can effortlessly mix into your current wardrobe. Their items are also great quality and you won’t be spending your whole paycheck on your purchase.
Great for: Professional attire

Aritzia. If you’re a sucker for comfy over-sized sweaters like myself, you’ll love Aritzia. With a huge selection of high-quality items, this shop provides shoppers with clean and simplified designs that you’ll be able to wear years from now. They also offer a wide-range of jackets and coats that will easily get you through whatever vortex is headed your way.
Great for: Outerwear

Asos. Last but not least, I had to include a staple for e-shoppers. Asos is an affordable one stop shop that features high-quality outerwear, going out attire, swimsuits, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. If you’re looking for a dress to wear to a wedding, they’ll have it. If you need some new workout pants, they also sell Adidas, Nike and Ivy Park. You name it, you’ll find it.
Great for: Just about anything.

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