Money Saving Tips

I enjoy the finer things in life, but I also know the value of a dollar. Growing up, my mom made a good living, but as a single parent she made sure the money we had was stretched as much as possible. With that upbringing, I’ve always been very conscious of my money and how it’s being spent.

If you take away nothing else from my blog, I really hope these tips will be useful especially for us 20-somethings striving to live comfortably with our 9-5 salaries. So with rent prices going up and salaries going down, every dollar makes all the difference especially when saving for the future.

Wikibuy. If you want to save money and are also lazy, download the Wikibuy Chrome extension ASAP. This plugin searches thousands of websites for relevant coupons. Meaning, the next time you shop online before you check-out all you have to do is click on the Wikibuy icon to receive the best deals. It does all of the work for you! Right after Thanksgiving, I found a Group-on deal for 10 yoga classes priced at $60, originally $120. The Wikibuy plugin then found me an additional coupon, so I only ended up spending $48 on a $120 value. Honey is another extension that serves the same purpose.

Subscribe to emails. Receiving hundreds of emails a day can be exhausting, but following your favorite stores for their sales can save you tons of money. When I shop online nine times out of ten, it’s because I received an email with a coupon code for a sale. Signing up for emails keeps you in the loop and most retailers offer incentives for email subscribers.

Make a list. In order to avoid compulsive shopping, I always have a list of items on my phone that I’m looking for. This way when I do end up going to the mall, I’m not aimlessly wandering around and picking up whatever catches my eye. By keeping a list, you can also be on the lookout for particular items once they go on sale.

Wait it out. Around just about every major holiday comes a sale. Want to shop in January? Wait for the New Years and MLK Day sales. Same goes for President’s Day in February, Memorial Day in May, Independence Day, etc. These sales are particularly useful when shopping for large items like appliances. Major retailers know that most people wait until they have enough saved to buy a large appliance, therefore, they look for just about any opportunity to get you into the store.

Let go of your pride. As a club member at my local grocery store, I receive coupons in the mail for items that I tend to buy. Initially, I was embarrassed as I pulled out my coupons from my purse, but then I thought: “I’m going to purchase this item either way and the store is encouraging me to take advantage of the sale since they sent me the coupons, so why not use it?” A lot of us tend to think saving or being smart with our money makes us cheap or broke. However, the more money you’re able to save, the more items you can buy. Also, if you’re trying to save I highly recommend shopping at Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack and even the Dollar Store. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you love your purchase.



Happy saving!


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