How to Throw a Successful Friendsgiving

For the past few years, my closest friends and I have made a tradition out of Friendsgiving. We started getting together prior to our family Thanksgivings so we could spend time with each other, bring the dishes we actually liked and drink as much as we wanted.

This year, since my birthday is just a week before Turkey Day and I recently moved to a new apartment, I decided to combine the festivities and hold a larger Friendsgiving party that I put more effort into. With a few successful celebrations under my belt, I felt qualified enough to lend a few pointers towards throwing your own Friendsgiving party.

Get to Pinning.
I LOVE Pinterest for all of my creative needs. I’ve got a board for outfits, wedding inspiration, hair and even work attire. Therefore, it was only right that I saved a few pins specifically for Friendsgiving (link to my board here.) There are tons of cute little ideas that will ensure your event is entertaining and your guests are happy. I also found some great inspiration for the invite that I sent, which I also suggest doing. Sending invites to your guests eliminates you getting 20,000 text with a million different questions about the party. If you’re not a design-pro, Canva is an easy and free site that allows anyone to create gorgeous invites.

Be festive.
I’m not one for corny holiday decorations since Thanksgiving decor is full of creepy turkeys and abnormal looking pumpkins. For my Friendsgiving, I decided to give in and get a wreath, a Happy Thanksgiving sign and even little pumpkins. I love the off-white and multi-color pumpkins that stray away from the usual pumpkin we all picked as kids. Non-traditional decor gives a little adult tweak on a holiday classics.

Encourage friendly competition. 
As someone who grew up playing sports throughout childhood and into high school, I’ve always been pretty competitive. Lucky for me, almost all of my friends are the same way. So, at our Friendsgiving we broke out some games that have given me some of the best laughs of my life. We started off with Left, Center, Right. This game is a great starter for a party because everyone always gets super into the activity when money is involved. Also, who doesn’t love winning money? Make sure if you play this game to remind your guests to bring enough singles for two games. Another great game that tests your knowledge and physical ability is Minute Challenge.

Image found at

Throw in the punch. Since a lot of my guests drove to my party, I made a punch instead of having hard liquor. This way, everyone was able to have a cup of punch and were sober when it was time to head home. I found this delicious punch recipe (pictured above) on Buzzfeed and it did not disappoint. It was a little strong, so if you’re looking for something with less of a kick, I recommend cutting back a half cup of tequila.

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