Trash TV You Need in Your Life

By now, I’ve let all of you in one some of my favorite things. We’ve discussed the ice cream thing and I disclosed my love for coffee. Now that we know we’ve gotten to know each other, I’m ready to really dive in and discuss one of my most guiltiest of pleasures: reality television.

Specially trash television that most people with self-awareness and college degrees claim to dismiss because of their “intellect.” I, on the other hand have a little thing called no shame. Therefore, I’ll be disclosing my top five favorite Trash TV shows, specifically the ones I only talk about with my closest, non-judgmental friends.

T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle. I’ve been watching T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle since it first came out. I was impressed by how chill all of the kids on the show were given the antics of their parents, and in turn, I commended the parenting skills that both T.I. and Tameka exhibited on the show. So, when they went through this recent divorce stint I was pretty disappointed when they cancelled the Family Hustle but very excited when the Friends & Family Hustle show was announced.

After reading “TIP tries to smooth things over with Tiny” detailed in the episode description I was all in. The first episode of the season opens with TI telling Tiny “thou shalt not judge” and Tiny responding with “thou shalt not cheat.” I won’t spoil the rest, but between listening to Monica (who I wish was my best friend) talk about how she’s getting back into music, Toya reprimanding Regine for being what can only be summarized as unnecessarily wild, and LaToya Luckett being a pregnant LaToya Luckett, I’ll be tuning in for the following episodes.


America’s Next Top Model (Cycles 1-12). Now, this may have been my first introduction to true reality TV. I only put it in the “trash” list because half of the things that occurred in the first few seasons would have never flown in 2018. For example, in season 4 when Kenya gained about 5 pounds, making her barely a size 4 the judges lost their minds, called her all types of fat and made her pose with an elephant to highlight her weight gain in a subtle yet obviously shady fashion. When Kim came out as gay during season 5, the girls exaggerated her coming out in a way that contestants in 2018 wouldn’t even bat an eye to.

Despite the ridiculous antics that went on from the “We were all rooting for you scene” to that one skinny girl passing out and landing in a suicide drop during judgement, Top Model never disappoints with it’s extra-ness. My life was forever changed after the famous tarantula shoot with Eva’s eyes still glistening from the tears she had previously wept over her fear of this giant spider.america-s-next-top-model-photoshoot-eva-with-a-tarantula-eva-pigford-22641622-1000-1333

Braxton Family Values. This show solidified its place on this list after the recent crossover episode between the Braxton’s and Iyanla Fix My Life. Just the thought of Iyanla’s show makes me giggle. If you’re unfamiliar with Iyanla Fix My Life, it was the show in which Karreauche Tran revealed she found out Chris Brown was cheating on her with Rihanna when he said he was going to the store. When Kaeurreche turned on her TV to watch the Laker game, there was Chris Brown, who was obviously not at the store, but sitting COURTSIDE eating popcorn with Rih. Quality television people!

Actual footage of Chris Brown on his “run to the store”

Now, back to the Braxtons. If you love shade and mess and yelling this is the show for you. Obviously, the fact that the legend and icon Toni Braxton is on this show doesn’t hurt either. Although the Braxtons fight and make poor decisions (like marrying Birdman) they still bring things back to their sisterhood with each Braxton serving as a different version of your favorite auntie.


Honorable mention:
Paternity Court. I left this show off the list because although it is entertaining; this show is 100% trash and makes you feel a little guilty after watching.
Teyana& Iman. Once this show gets into its next season, I’ll be able to better evaluate the quality of the content.
Married to Medicine. Another great show, however, this current season strays from the original purpose of the show, which was to highlight Black professional women and housewives and ultimately celebrate their class and ability to not fight each other.

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