Our Engagement Shoot

So as you all know I am engaged, and with engagement comes several obligatory events leading up to the wedding. There’s the venue hunt, engagement photos, dress shopping, the bridal shower, etc. So far, we’ve got two items crossed off the list.

Needless to say after weeks of outfit shopping, days of Pinterest scrolling, and an hour of a makeup application, I’m very happy with the results from our engagement shoots. Following my experience, I learned a few tips pertaining to my relationship and life in general that I think can be helpful to couples and single alike.



Trust your support system. Leading up to our first shoot in Malibu I was nervous; as I am in most situations involving cameras and attention. However, I realized that when I’m with my fiancé, I’m calm if he’s calm (which is 99.9% of the time). Having a solid support forced me to acknowledge that if this other human being standing next to me isn’t plummeting down this cliff as we try to get the right shot, chances are I’m also safe.


Let go. Things don’t always go as planned. When we did the second shoot at the Griffith Park Observatory, it took nearly an hour to find parking. Once we finally found a spot, the Observatory was packed to the point that we couldn’t take a photo without a bystander in the background. Was it frustrating? Yes. Did we go home and give up? No. We worked with the situation and with the help of a talented photographer, we ended up with some creative photos.


Own it. Can I get deep with y’all real quick? I live off of this principle that God makes no mistakes. The way your nose is shaped, the distance your eyes are from each other, the size of your forehead…all intentional. So, when you’re taking photos or even looking in the mirror, live in the truth that the way God designed everything about you is how it’s supposed to be and own it.


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