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Warning Signs You’ve Found “The One”

You read that right. When you’ve found true love, be warned because there’s no turning back. You can fight it, but you’ll be back because you can’t mess with destiny. When you’ve found the person The Universe has set out for you, you’ll know and these signs are usually an easy give away.

1. You’re best friends. When you’re significant other becomes someone you can take on shopping trips, or vent to about your work day, and laugh with for hours, you’ve found something. However, when this person becomes the person you want around all the time for dinner, for walks around the neighborhood, for talks about life, you have something. When you’ve found the right person for you, you’ll have this internal pull to be with your boo.giphy

2. The little things don’t get to you. Little things like how they burp five times in a row after drinking a soda, take the majority of the covers, or laugh way too long and hard in the movies suddenly become quirks to you. In your eyes, those little things make your partner unique and serve as a testament every time you let it slide when they occur.

3. You have zero doubts
. If you fear you may have found the right person, you may start attempting to find their flaws. For example, after your first date you may have went home thinking “What’s the catch?” leading you to scroll through all of their social media channels for hours hoping to find a trace of low life that will serve as your excuse not to fall in love.
Fast forward to three years later and there’s been no scandals, no unexpected babies, the two of you have yet to break up, and you’re just as happy as you were when you first went snooping after the first date. The fact that you searched for flaws should tell you something. You were looking because you saw something in your man (or woman) that you were afraid to lose.

4. Your values align. You grew up going to church. He grew up going to church. You love kids. He loves kids. You love ice cream and beer. He loves ice cream and beer. Not together, of course. When you start to realize that you and bae were cut from the same clothe, as the old saying goes, it’s just another sign that you two were meant to be.giphy1

5. Talking about the future isn’t scary. It’s not unusual to get sweaty palms when it comes to talking about marriage, because we don’t want to get our hopes up. There’s always a chance that after making a vision board with your dream dress and venue, your partner could run off with their “best friend” leaving you and your Pinterest boards in the dust. Unless, you’ve met someone who you know is right.

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