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The Insecure Finale: I’m Not Surprised


For those of you who have not watched HBO’s Insecure season finale, close this window, go watch, and return to this post.

Now, for those of us who have been addicted to the greatness that is Insecure, let’s chat.giphy11

I absolutely love this show because, to me, it’s the closest thing us millennials have seen to Girlfriends since…well, Girlfriends.  Black comedy series have come a long way from laugh tracks and UPN, as we can see from Insecure on HBO, Blackish on ABC, and Atlanta on FX. It’s about time that Black millennials received shows that we can relate to and think about after the 30 minute duration is up.

This season of Insecure was everything I needed from an opening season of a show. It was captivating, relatable, and hilarious. How could you not tune in after the “Shady as F*ck” episode where we got all of Daniel’s (now infamous) backside. There have been plenty of moments that had me literally glued to my TV and forcing me to rewind and watch scenes twice. The finale episode was no different. Except, after watching this episode and consulting with social media and friends for reactions, I was left thinking “Did I watch the same episode as everyone else?”


With that being said, the moment Issa decided to be “Shady as F*ck” I knew Lawrence would eventually find out, leading him to eventually do something spiteful and to some equally “Shady as F*ck.” Hence, why I was not surprised at all by the closing scene of “Broken as F*ck” with Lawrence pounding his thirsty (for lack of better words) friend to smithereens. I knew it was coming the moment she sat with him at lunch and was being extra flirtatious knowing he had a girlfriend. I also knew Lawrence would have to be pushed all the way to his limit before he did it.

So what I don’t understand is the anguish and heartbreak I’m seeing all over my timeline. I said it before and I will say it again, “What did y’all expect?!”

Issa had every opportunity to mess with Daniel when her and Lawrence were broken up, and could have potentially saved her relationship. However, she made a classic mistake that women (and men) often make in a relationship. She was scared to let Lawrence go. She knew what was the right thing to do. But, her selfish desire and possibly fear of being alone led her to put herself before her man and cheat on him. Which is why I will repeat “What did y’all expect?”


Part of the reason I absolutely love Insecure is because of the conversation it sparks, such as this one. Would we as women feel the same way if the shoe was on the other foot and Lawrence had cheated on Issa, leading her to then have sex with someone else? Probably not. I’m pretty sure us girls would be cheering Issa on just as many men have done with the Best Buy t-shirt meme. I love Issa, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t see the injustice with what Lawrence did. After all, they were broken up (at least I assume they were after their fight in “Real as F*ck.)

But even if they were still technically together, what argument could Issa hold against Lawrence? Maybe, and bare with me, this is grounds for them to call themselves even and move forward. Call me cynical. Call me insensitive. Call me realistic because these are the types of things that happen in real life relationships.

All I’m saying is, I don’t feel upset about the finale. The way the writers chose to end the season has me anticipating  Molly going to therapy, Lawrence being Bold as F*ck by confronting Daniel, and potentially a baby scare (that would hopefully be Lawrence’s or a false positive.) What can I say, I love the drama.


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